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What Choices are there?

Accommodation Only -

If you donít have to worry about taking your car to the Airport and are looking for a great Accommodation only rate at a hotel close to the Airport, then APH has a wide range of hotels to suit.

Hotel and Parking Packages -

If you choose a package where the parking is arranged by the hotel the parking will generally be on-site in the hotel grounds and 8 or 15 days parking will be included. Any additional days will be payable directly to the hotel. Most hotels offer regular transfers to and from the Airport and some hotels are linked to the terminals via covered walkways, eliminating the need for a transfer altogether.

Alternatively APH has exclusively packaged a range of Hotels with alternative secured parking sites. Choosing one of these packages will give you the additional peace of mind that your car will be kept in a secured compound while you are away, and you can take advantage of airport transfers that operate 24 hours a day.

Packages with APH Car Parks

We have packaged many Hotels at Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham with our own APH car parks, so you can enjoy a good nights sleep in the knowledge that your car will be safely looked after in an APH Secured Compound while you are away. All of the APH Car Parks hold the Park Mark Safer Parking Award for even greater peace of mind. By booking one of these hotels you will also benefit from paying only for the days parking you actually need, so if you are an independent traveller whose trip does not fit into the traditional one or two week duration you will not be overcharged!

Look out for the Park Mark logo on these Hotels

Please note Hotel parking arrangements vary. Check details carefully to ensure they suit your own requirements.

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